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The Season 2 update delivered a plethora of changes to Call of Duty DMZ specifically, including the arrival of a new Faction, fresh missions, and the Ashika Island map. Some of the new content goes hand-in-hand, though, as players will find that many of their new Faction missions take place on Ashika Island. One such mission, which has been giving many players some trouble, is to find Mortar Strikes in DMZ. This mission, called “Death From Above,” is given out to players by White Lotus as a tier 2 mission.

Mortar Strikes are well-known as being a killstreak in Call of Duty, currently being one in Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2. However, in DMZ, players won’t be able to acquire them through ground loot or by going on a certain kill streak. Instead, players simply need to spend some time on Ashika Island in order to acquire Mortar Strikes. You can read the guide below for more details.

Getting Mortar Strikes in DMZ

Mortar Strikes DMZ
Provided by Activision

First and foremost, the White Lotus mission that calls for the use of Mortar Strikes requires players to get eight kills using the killstreak. This can be quite difficult to do, especially given the fact that the Mortar Strike lands in one location and DMZ enemies usually move around. Players can kill either real players or AI soldiers, and we recommend the latter since you can find more of them in bunches on the map.

To find Mortar Strikes in DMZ, players need to visit a Buy Station with at least $12,000 cash on them. Each Mortar Strike costs that amount, so players need to keep buying them until they get eight kills in total.

Ashika Island is the easiest map to complete this mission, as it’s smaller, which means players can find cash quicker and locate more enemies in less time. Once you have a Mortar Strike, find a densely populated location on the map with plenty of AI soldiers. Then, call the Mortar Strike in right on top of several enemies. With any luck, you’ll get a solid number of kills. You will likely need at least two Mortar Strikes to complete this mission, as one of them will have a hard time killing eight enemies in total.

In addition to that method, players can also wait for a chopper carrying AI soldiers and then call their Mortar Strike in right where it is supposed to land. This will kill at least four or five soldiers instantly, as the chopper will explore.

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