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For many years, one camo challenge has stuck for many of the weapons in Call of Duty. The camo challenge requires players to earn longshots with the weapon they’re using. In Call of Duty: Vanguard, players are required to earn 100 longshots for every weapon, aside from launchers. This is a daunting task, especially for some of the close-range weapons in the game.

With weapons like the PPSh-41 and AS44 in multiplayer, earning longshots can be a real slog. Luckily, there are a few tips and tricks players can take advantage of to blow through the longshot section of their camo grind.

Earning more longshots in Vanguard

The first thing players are going to want to do is use a certain set of attachments. If players are required to use certain attachments for their camo challenge, then they’ll need to equip those. Outside of that set, though, players also want to ensure they use attachments that boost recoil control, accuracy and damage range. All of these attachments make killing enemies at range much simpler. Also, using a higher zoom scope will help players see enemies better.

The next step is hopping into Hardcore Kill Confirmed. While the Ship Haus playlist is a great way to earn camos, longshots are a bit tough to earn on the maps. Also, Kill Confirmed allows players to see exactly how far away they are from a tag. This makes setting up for longshots much easier. Hardcore is the mode choice because it allows players to kill enemies with a bullet or two depending on the range.

The best way to earn longshots is to find a spot that has high traffic and has a long enough sightline to qualify for a longshot. In Kill Confirmed, players can bait enemies into going for a tag and they can also see how far away those tags are to position themselves correctly. The exact ranges that qualify as a longshot for all weapons are below:

  • AR/LMG/Marksman Rifle: 38 meters
  • SMG: 30 meters
  • Sniper Rifle: 52 meters
  • Pistol: 20 meters
  • Shotgun: 12 meters

As long as players are at these ranges or beyond, they’ll do enough to earn a longshot. As for where they can set up, YouTuber JGOD went over some sightlines and strategies in a video published earlier this month.

The last tip for players is to use the Deployable Cover Field Upgrade. This gives players a free piece of cover that they can mount behind and be even more accurate while also being harder to see. Using this in the preferred sightline on maps will make earning longshots much simpler in Vanguard.

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