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Since Call of Duty: Vanguard was released, the Panzerfaust launcher has been broken. In the first month of the game, the launcher didn’t seem to do enough damage to kill enemies or shoot down scorestreaks, like a Spy Plane. To make matters more frustrating, the camo challenges for the weapon didn’t track properly, or were impossible, due to the Panzerfaust’s shortcomings. Thankfully, Sledgehammer Games updated some of those camo challenges in a recent update.

The broken camo challenges were replaced with new tasks. One of them requires players to get longshot kills with the Panzerfaust to earn a specific camo, but this has presented its own difficulties in Vanguard. The longshots don’t seem to register in the camo progression, which leads players think this challenge is also busted. However, there is a way to progress the camo and earn longshots for the Panzerfaust.

Getting longshots with the Panzerfaust in Vanguard

Currently, there is only one way to earn longshots with the Vanguard launcher: players must directly impact an enemy at long-range. The range at which players directly impact an enemy with a shot needs to qualify for a longshot kill. If it doesn’t, the kill won’t count towards the camo progression.

Panzerfaust longshot kills in Vanguard
The camo challenge requiring longshots for the Panzerfaust. | Provided by Activision

The easiest way for players to do this is to hop on Hardcore Das Haus. Any game mode will work but Domination is arguably the best option. Once players are on the map, they need to go straight down the middle hallway and start firing rockets. With enough luck, players will have an enemy run in front of their rocket and it will count as a direct impact kill. For this kill to be considered a longshot, players must have their back to the wall when looking down the middle hallway.

Sledgehammer Games hasn’t commented whether it’s intended or not for players to need direct impact longshots. However, for now, this is the only way to earn longshots with the Panzerfaust in Vanguard.

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