How to get longshot kills in MW3
How to get longshot kills in MW3
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How to get longshot kills in MW3

Longshots are never easy

Every year, there is always one challenge in Call of Duty that makes players rage, and that’s getting a certain number of longshot kills. These types of kills are never enjoyable to go for, as they rely on enemies playing a specific way and hitting shots at far distances. In MW3, you don’t have to earn as many longshot kills as in years past, but you still need to earn some if you want the Mastery Camos in multiplayer.

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There are only a handful of weapons that require you to get longshot kills for a specific camo challenge in MW3. Some of the weapons are definitely easier to get longshots with than others, but the strategy for getting the kills remains the same regardless of the gun you’re using.

In the guide below, I’ll explain the best ways to go about getting longshot kills in MW3 so you can breeze through that camo challenge.

Best ways to earn longshot kills in MW3

Longshot kills are a common camo challenge. Image via Activision

There are a few different strategies you want to combine if you’re looking to optimize the number of longshots you can get in multiplayer. I will go over all of the strategies I have used thus far that have allowed me to get anywhere from 15-25 longshots in a single match.

Use the right loadout

First and foremost, you need to ensure you have the right attachments and class items equipped before going for longshots. Regardless of the weapon you’re using, make sure you have a long-range optic and recoil control attachments equipped on your gun’s loadout. Next, you want to use perks such as Marksman Gloves, which increase your prowess at longer ranges.

You don’t want anything related to mobility on your loadout, as you need to stay back and hold lanes with your gun to earn longshots.

Play the right game mode

As you might expect, Hardcore modes are the best and easiest way to go about earning longshots, especially with weaker weapons in multiplayer. Hardcore modes allow you to one-shot enemies most of the time, regardless of the range you shoot them at.

For me, the best combination to earn longshots was playing on Hardcore Terminal 24/7. Terminal has tons of long sight lines you can use to your advantage and breeze through any longshot camo challenge. The best spots for me were on the plane looking towards the library section of the map or sitting on the statue behind the library and looking out near the plane. You can also sit at Burger Town or the deep security desk to pick enemies off from a distance.

If you don’t want to play Terminal 24/7, I recommend going into Hardcore Domination, as it’s a longer-duration game mode with controlled spawns you can use to your advantage.

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Don’t move around too much

As previously stated, your best chance at earning longshots is to stay stationary on the map and wait for enemies to come to you. This playstyle can be a bit boring, but it’s the most streamlined way of earning longshot kills in MW3. Pick a spot or two that you know sees enemy traffic from far away and wait there until enemies force you out.

If you follow these three tips, I guarantee you will breeze through your longshot kills in MW3, as long as you can hit your shots with whatever weapon you’re using.

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