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The camo challenges in Call of Duty: Vanguard are extensive, often requiring half-a-dozen or more hours from players. Challenges like earning longshots can make players question why they’re even going for the camo in the first place. The same can be said for hipfire kills on certain weapons, as they can be somewhat of a pain in Vanguard.

Traditionally, hipfire kills haven’t been too difficult. They simply require players to not aim in and shoot from the hip. This reduces accuracy but, as long as players stay close to enemies, they could complete their hipfire camo challenge in a few matches. With Vanguard, though, players are finding it difficult to earn kills this way, due to the shotguns and other mechanics in multiplayer. This guide will show players the best way to go about earning hipfire kills so that they can blow through that part of their camo grind.

Earning hipfire kills in Vanguard

For the most part, players will be required to earn hipfire kills for submachine guns and shotguns. Other weapon classes might feature some hipfire kill challenges but the majority of them lie with the SMGs and shotguns.

In order to earn these kills more efficiently, players must ensure they’re setting up correctly. This begins with their class, which includes attachments, perks and equipment. For some challenges, players’ attachments will be selected for them, so there’s not much to do on that front. However, players can still use any non-required attachment that bolsters hipfire accuracy.

As for the other aspects of the loadout, players want to run Overkill in the third perk slot. This is done so players can choose the Riot Shield as their second primary weapon. While it’s not the highest-rated practice, it does allow players to not be killed from behind while they’re chasing enemies. For the equipment, players can run Thermite to weaken enemies and the Stun grenade to make them easier to eliminate.

The final aspect to set up is the physical gameplay. Players want to choose an objective-based game mode, like Domination or Hardpoint, to get hipfire kills. They can then position themselves around the objective, otherwise known as camping, to earn some easy hipfire kills on unsuspecting enemies. Of course, players want to ensure they’re relatively close to the entry points of the objective, as hipfire accuracy is diminished the farther players are away from an enemy.

One great spot players can use is by either doorway heading to the B Flag on Das Haus Domination. Standing right outside the door should net some easy kills on enemies looking to capture B.