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Riot Games has announced an exclusive player card for those who watched Twitch streams to gain Valorant closed beta access. Valorant is approaching its first full month of beta and appears to still be going strong. There has yet to be a set date for when the game releases or when/if the beta stops. The only information we’ve been given is that your progress from beta will be wiped when the game is released sometime this summer. But while we wait for more information, we at least have a new card to enjoy.

Valorant x Twitch player card

How to get the exclusive Twitch Valorant player card
Image via @PlayValorant

After seeing the overwhelming support for Valorant, Riot has teamed up with Twitch to give players the above exclusive player card. This card features a saluting Brimstone with the Twitch and Valorant logo in the center. According to Valorant Twitter, you can obtain this exclusive card by watching enough Twitch streams to be eligible for a closed beta key. The time it takes to receive a beta key varies depending on whom you talk to.

Valorant Twitter did not specify how many hours need to be watched in order to earn the player card. However, even if you don’t ultimately receive a beta key, you will still receive the card upon the official launch of the game if you have watched enough streams on Twitch. That means if you’ve spent the last several weeks attempting to get a key, you will still have the player card in your collection.

Riot Games has yet to stop beta key drops on Twitch, which means there is still time to gain access to the game as well as this player card.

If you have entered the closed beta, how are you enjoying it? For more Valorant coverage, stay tuned to Daily Esports.

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