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Going for Dark Matter Ultra camo is one of the most herculean tasks in Call of Duty history. Black Ops Cold War features a wide variety of weapons that each have a huge amount of challenges associated with them. However, if you ask players which weapon is the hardest to use, most will say the M79 (Thumper).

This Special weapon in Black Ops Cold War is a grenade launcher that simply isn’t good. It’s abysmal to use in almost every scenario and features extremely annoying camo challenges. Although, perhaps the hardest of the bunch is earning longshot medals. While some fans think this challenge is a lost cause, there’s one simple method to earning the necessary longshots.

Earning longshots with the Thumper in Black Ops Cold War

To earn Gold camo on your Thumper, you need to complete seven challenges just like with any other weapon. While none of the challenges are easy, the Stripes category is what’s giving players the most trouble.

To fully unlock this category, players need to earn 50 longshots with the Thumper. A seemingly impossible task at first glance, most players have simply been running around different maps and firing long-range shots at enemies to try and earn even one longshot.

However, thanks to the work of a Reddit user and a YouTuber, players can have a much easier time with this challenge. XclusiveAce is the YouTuber who published a video on how to earn Thumper longshots but took inspiration from a Reddit post.

Essentially, the method involves Nuketown ’84 and using precise spots to earn longshots. The method works best in Domination but there are also specific spots that will work in most game modes.

As XclusiveAce goes over in his video, you want to plant yourself at an exact spot and aim at a precise number on your compass. The video showcases each spot and where you need to stand for the best chance of earning a longshot.

This isn’t a foolproof way to earn longshots, but it’s certainly more effective than what most players do. As long as you keep playing Nuketown ’84, the Thumper longshots will come in time.

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