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One of the first things that the Call of Duty community does when a new game releases is to try and complete the various camo challenges. The skins for their desired weapon are highly-sought after but aren’t too easy to obtain. In Black Ops Cold War, players need to collect seven sets of challenges for a total of 35 skins. In those seven challenges, one requires the player to get Point Blank kills for their SMG. However, upon trying to do this in-game, fans quickly discovered it’s not as easy as it sounds. Luckily, there’s a sure-fire way to complete this challenge easily.

Earning Point Blank kills in Black Ops Cold War

To start, let’s go over what exactly a Point Blank kill is. To sum it up, you earn this medal when you come in close contact with an enemy and kill them while they are still in close proximity. For the SMG “Science” camo category, you need to earn 50 Point Blank kills.

Though it sounds relatively simple, players are having a monumentally hard time with the challenge. Black Ops Cold War is fairly unforgiving with the distance you need to be away from an enemy for the Point Blank kill to count.

black ops cold war point blank
Image via Activision

Fortunately, there are a couple of different methods you can use to speed up this process. The first of these is hopping into a match of Fireteam Dirty Bomb, which was also discovered to be the best game mode to rank up your weapons.

Method #1

In Fireteam, you can parachute over the entire map and find an unsuspecting enemy from above. Once you find your target, drop down on them, equip a Stun Grenade, stun them, and then run up right behind them and secure the kill.

black ops cold war point blank camo on SMG
Image via Activision

Also, once you’re on the ground, you can camp near a bomb, place a Field Mic, and wait for enemies to come to you. Once they’re close enough, come out of your spot and kill them from behind. If you die in the process of doing this, simply parachute down again and find another victim.

Method #2

The next method is pretty similar to the first, though this one involves Free-For-All. Essentially, you want to equip more Stun Grenades, a Field Mic, and the Ninja and Ghost Perk. Once again, plant your Field Mic, find an enemy, stun them, and then run up behind them. Also, depending on the map, you can simply crouch around and look for enemies to walk up behind.

Those are the two easiest methods of earning Point Blank kills in Black Ops Cold War! Make sure to stay tuned to Daily Esports for all Call of Duty news.