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One of the biggest bragging rights a player can achieve in COD Mobile is earning a gold gun. But, those gold camo challenges can be nearly impossible at times and have been giving players trouble in COD Mobile for years. One of the tougher challenges players go through is earning hipfire kills.

To get a gold SMG, for example, players need to earn a massive 75 hipfire kills, along with a plethora of other challenges. This is much easier said than done, as going for hipfire kills can get players killed themselves more often than not. Luckily for any player currently experiencing this trouble, there’s a couple of methods to earn easier hipfire kills in COD Mobile.

Getting easy hipfire kills in COD Mobile

The first step in making this process simpler is ensuring players have the right loadout equipped. Hipfire kills are most common with SMGs, so players need to ensure they have the right attachments on their submachine gun. The most important attachment to equip is the MIP 5mW Laser. This is a step above the standard laser sight and gives players an increased hipfire accuracy.

The only downside to the attachment is players have a visible laser sight to enemies. To mitigate this problem, players need to play on a small, compact map. This makes hipfire kills much easier, as enemies are right in front of the player most of the match. Also, the visible laser sight doesn’t play as big of a role. Maps that work the best are Nuketown, Rust, Dome and Cage.

Finally, the last step in earning easier hipfire kills is picking the right game mode. Team Deathmatch can be okay for these kinds of kills but it’s much slower than players want. The best game for this challenge is Hardpoint. It allows players to get right up in the enemy’s faces, as both teams are in close quarters fighting over the objective.

As long as players follow these steps, they’ll accumulate a massive amount of hipfire kills in no time.