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When it comes to unlocking camos in Call of Duty, headshots are almost always one of the main requirements. In most titles since 2009, killing enemies with a headshot has unlocked some kind of weapon camo. Usually, players need to earn at least 50 kills to head with one weapon to unlock additional camo challenges. In Black Ops Cold War multiplayer, the same is true, as headshots are one of the seven categories of challenges. Like in most other titles, this task is simple in theory but a little difficult in execution. However, there is one method you can use to earn some truly easy headshots.

Earning headshots in Black Ops Cold War

For every weapon class except for the launchers and combat knife, you’ll need at least 50 headshots for each weapon. Doing this will complete the “Stripes” category and allow you to focus on one of the other six challenges, like Point Blank kills.

call of duty black ops cold war multiplayer headshots
Image via Activision

The task is easy enough; all you have to do is aim for the head and put a few bullets in that general area. Of course, weapons like shotguns and snipers require only one headshot, but they’re less accurate. For those types of weapons, the only real tip is to aim precisely and perhaps sneak up behind enemies for an easy kill.

However, for most other fully or semi-auto guns, there’s one method that’s recommended by most camo grinders. That method involves going into Hardcore modes, equipping at least a 2x optic, and navigating the map carefully.

You can choose to use a normal scope, but a larger magnification allows you to be more accurate. In Black Ops Cold War Hardcore, every headshot is a one-shot kill so that extra accuracy really pays off. In order to maximize your potential though, try equipping some flash grenades. Once you flash an enemy, aim for their head as they’re dazed, and it’s a free headshot.

call of duty black ops cold war headshot camo
Image via Activision

Being sneaky and not moving in open areas is really the key here. If you’re out in the open, you become susceptible to unseen enemies shooting at you. Although, if you’re the one who is unseen, the odds of earning a headshot move heavily in your favor.

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