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COD Mobile is in full swing with Season 6 and that means events are going to pop up soon. One of the upcoming events is Machete Just Leaving, which allows players to complete challenges for the Machete melee weapon. It all sounds easy enough, but players are stumped one of the challenges which requires 15 Bloodthirsty medals.

This medal is earned by getting five gun or equipment kills in a row. The medal will pop up at the top of the screen when the fifth killed is acquired, signaling the player earned it.

While it might sound simple, players are struggling with this task. This article will make the challenge not so difficult.

Earning Bloodthirsty medals in COD Mobile

First, players need a great loadout. They should use whatever they’re most comfortable with in the top weapons in Season 6, like the AS VAL, CR-56 AMAX, PP19 Bizon or Fennec. Next, players need to get their scorestreaks set up correctly. The use of a UAV, Counter-UAV is essential, as this allows players to see enemies on the map and block the enemy’s radar. The third scorestreak should also be something lower cost.

Bloodthirsty medals in COD Mobile
Bloodthirsty medals in COD Mobile. | Provided by Activision

As for the rest of the loadout, players need to pick perks and equipment that help with oncoming enemies. Trip mines and flashbangs are good equipment choices. For perks, Fast Recover, High Alert and Dead Silence are perfect choices.

The final step is picking the specialist skill in the loadout. Something non-lethal is best, like the Transform Shield. The shield allows players to lock down a set area, kill enemies and have some cover for themselves. If players don’t have that unlocked, they can use their favorite lethal skill.

After all of the set-up is complete, players need to head into Team Deathmatch on a medium-sized map, like Highrise, Slums, Standoff, Raid, etc. Smaller maps mean the spawn flips easier and makes it difficult to know where enemies are. Once players are on a map, they need to find a spot they can control. After they’re in the spot, they just need to keep checking every direction to ensure no enemy slips past their gaze. Some might call this camping but as long as players are moving, it’s not considered camping.

Eventually, this strategy will lead to players earning Bloodthirsty medals in COD Mobile.