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Season 1 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 introduced the RAM-7 assault rifle, which is a fairly decent weapon for multiplayer. If you have unlocked and begun leveling up the RAM-7, you might have noticed a tough camo challenge for it. The Forged camo challenge for the RAM-7 in MW3 is to get “aiming down sights sliding kills,” which can be quite confusing to figure out.

This challenge is actually impossible if you don’t equip a certain piece of gear on your loadout, which the game fails to explain to you. In this guide, I’ll explain exactly what item you need on your loadout to complete this camo challenge for the RAM-7 in MW3.

Getting aiming down sights sliding kills in MW3

In order to complete this challenge, you need to have the Tactical Pads equipped in the Boots section of your perks. This perk allows you to aim down sights while sliding. If you don’t have the Tactical Pads equipped, your character will instead go into Tactical Stance if you try to aim down sights while sliding. There is currently no other loadout item in MW3 that gives you the ability to ADS and slide at the same time.

Screenshot via Upcomer

Once you equip the Tactical Pads, all you have to do is slide and then hold your aiming button. This makes your character aim down sights as you usually would instead of using Tactical Stance. You can use this new ability to shoot enemies more accurately while sliding.

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To complete the camo challenge for the RAM-7, I recommend getting somewhat close to enemies, sliding at them while holding the aiming button, and then shooting. You need to make sure you’re killing enemies during the sliding animation, though, otherwise, it won’t count toward the challenge. With enough attempts, you will earn enough of these kills to earn the Forged camo for the RAM-7.