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Being within the circle in any Battle Royale is essential. In Call of Duty: Warzone, there is a way to determine where gas circles are going to be way ahead of time. The gas has a huge part in determining the final stages of a game. This is more important in Warzone as players cannot heal in the gas. However, by completing recon contracts, players are able to gain an advantage by seeing where new circles will land.

Recon contracts

In Warzone, there are three types of contracts, being recon, scavenger, and bounty. Recon contracts provide a cash reward and reveal the location of the next circle. Also, when the recon contract is activated, it requires players to secure a point on the map. Once the contract is complete, the next circle will appear in a distinctive yellow color inside the regular white circle.

Additionally, if players manage to complete multiple recon contracts in one game, more circles will be revealed. In Warzone, players gain further rewards for completing more than one contract. This means that Warzone fans will have the chance to gain a lot of money while also revealing circle locations.

Recon contracts in Warzone allow players to see the next gas circle

Advantages and disadvantages

Firstly, the benefits of completing the recon contracts are that they provide an advantage over enemy players. Knowing where circles will land ahead of time will allow players to set up in the new zone and pick off enemy players who are trying to enter. Also, revealing the final circle ahead of time may be game-changing.

On the other hand, recon contracts do put players in danger. This is because locations take a while to secure and the location itself can be in an undesirable spot. That being said, players may value gas circle knowledge over the potential risk in place.

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