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When players around the world loaded up the Season 2 update of Call of Duty MW3, many of them experienced something different with their slide mechanic. Compared to feeling fast and fluid, the sliding in Season 2 feels slow and unresponsive when you first boot into a match.

I know I thought something was immediately wrong when I tried to slide cancel in my first public match of Season 2, and I had no idea what the issue was. However, after some searching through the settings, I was able to pinpoint exactly why my slide felt so off. Below, you can see why your slide mechanic has changed and how to fix it in Season 2 of MW3.

Fixing your slide in MW3 Season 2

For starters, the slide mechanic has not been nerfed in Season 2. In fact, it was actually fixed, as you don’t dolphin dive anymore when playing on the “Slide Only” setting. There’s also a new setting when it comes to the sliding/diving interaction, called “Hybrid.” This allows you to slide when tapping the slide button and dive when holding the button.

Screenshot via Upcomer

All of these changes and the new setting have seemed to revert your previous slide/dive setting, however. Many players in MW3 originally had their setting on “Slide Only,” making sliding feel faster and more responsive. With Season 2, though, every player has this setting reverted to “Tap to Slide,” which feels far slower.

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To fix your sliding in Season 2, you have to navigate to the settings, go to “Controller,” and then find the slide/dive behavior setting. Here, set it to “Slide Only,” like you had before, and boom, your sliding is fixed in MW3. It will now feel back to normal and you can go about slide canceling all over the map in Season 2.