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The Mid-Season update in Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific has both fixed and caused issues within the game. While Raven Software did solve some of the game’s most troubling and annoying problems, they also seemingly created new ones for players. Xbox players can’t even log in to the game, as an example, and even if they manage to, some are greeted with an error message. This error message appears on every platform and says “Whitelist Failure,” which kicks players out of Warzone Pacific.

Traditionally, a whitelist is known as a secretive list of people that are allowed to participate in a certain event. In Warzone, many players think that a whitelist is for streamers or content creators who are playtesting a new update in the game. As such, many players are confused as to why they’re getting an error message that says they can’t access Warzone because of a whitelist failure.

Luckily, there appears to be an explanation behind the error message and a way to fix it in the short term.

Fixing the Whitelist Failure Error in Warzone Pacific

Unbeknownst to some players, every user who is able to successfully log in to Warzone is on some kind of whitelist. This is simply so they can access the servers and play as usual. Players who aren’t able to log in are usually cheaters or they have another problem entirely with their game.

If players receive the Whitelist Failure error message, they can attempt to restart Warzone Pacific. If that doesn’t work, players can keep restarting until the error message disappears and they can successfully log in to Warzone. This is the only fix that players have reported to work. Reinstalling the game itself might also work but that takes an inordinante amount of time due to the game file size of Warzone.

Raven Software has yet to comment or add the bug to the Warzone Trello board. However, when they do, players can keep track of its progress through the board.

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