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Among all of the bugs currently plaguing Call of Duty: Warzone players, the “friends list not showing” bug is arguably the worst of the bunch. There’s nothing worse than trying to play with your friends on a crisp summer night and your CoD list completely glitching out.

The bug simply involves you getting an error when trying to view your friends list in Warzone. Or, if you do manage to pull up your friends list, you won’t be able to see any of your friends, even if they’re online and playing Warzone.

Season 5 re-introduced this glitch to the community. Since the update arrived a week ago, players have been experiencing difficulty trying to party up with their friends. If you see the message “friends list not showing” and you know your friends are online, then you’re now a victim of this CoD bug.

In order to squash it, you can follow our steps below.

Fixing the friends list not showing bug in Warzone

The easiest and possibly quickest fix to this issue is closing out Warzone and relaunching it. We’re assuming most players have tried that at least once, but it never hurts to try it again. You can also restart your PC or console to see if that does the trick.

Another quick fix that you can do without exhausting much effort is turning off crossplay in Warzone. Of course, this likely isn’t the best option for players who are attempting to play with a friend on another system. However, for friends all using the same system, disabling crossplay could be an easy solution. To do so, simply go into Warzone’s settings menu, go to the Account tab at the far right, and then disable the crossplay box.

There are a couple of other fixes you can try that are essentially a workaround for the bug. The first is linking Warzone with Discord, which will only work for PC players. To link the programs, go into Discord and make sure your Battle.net account is linked with your Discord account. Next, make sure all of your friends are in Warzone and online in Discord. With everyone online, invite friends directly from the Discord application.

Finally, you can also try using specific party settings in Warzone. At the main lobby of Warzone, press the “Look for Party” button on the bottom right of the screen. Next, press “Party Search Settings” and ensure that all of your friends have the same settings as you. Once this is done, have every friend press “Start searching for Party” at the same exact time. With enough luck, you’ll all be thrust into a match together.

If none of these fixes did the trick, then you’ll, unfortunately, have to wait for Raven Software to deploy a patch to resolve the issue.

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