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Since Call of Duty: Vanguard launched, there have been a number of glitches that have yet to be fixed, from the numerous bugs in Search and Destroy to camo challenges not tracking. However, one of those glitches, the FOV glitch, involves players’ set field of view setting not working properly.

For some reason, if players set their FOV to 100 or any higher value, Vanguard will randomly reset it to a lower value while players are in-game. Additionally, if players are used to a certain FOV, going to a lower value at random times can have an effect on players’ visibility.

Sledgehammer Games noted that it’s working on the issue. However, players could still use a short-term fix.

Fixing the FOV glitch in Vanguard

Players will know when their FOV has gone down due to the glitch, especially if they’re running a value higher than 90. Currently, the only well-known fix is to go into the settings, turn the FOV back to the preferred value and keep playing Vanguard. Of course, this can get tedious if players repeatedly experience the FOV glitch.

If players want to try and put a quick fix on the issue, they can do one thing when playing a match. If they experience the FOV glitch, they can watch the entire killcam next time they die in Vanguard. This means no skipping the killcam at any point. According to reports from the community, this fix works most of the time.

Of course, it won’t stop players from seeing the glitch again. That’s something Sledgehammer Games needs to deal with in a future update. Though, watching the killcam is a quicker fix than going into the settings every time the FOV glitch rears its ugly head in Vanguard.

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