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Over the course of the last few weeks, some players have been hit with an error bug in Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific. The new error is called “Download Failed,” with the error code 48. Players are unsure exactly what is causing this error and have less of an idea of how to fix it. However, thanks to the work of the community, players can try a few different fixes.

There has been no shortage of bugs within Warzone Pacific over the course of its life. From dev errors to game-breaking glitches, players haven’t had the smoothest experience trying to log in or play Warzone since 2020. However, before the developers patch a certain bug or error, community members find fixes that usually work for a majority of afflicted players.

Fixing the Download Failed error in Warzone Pacific

The main belief is that error code 48 is caused by the Warzone application not recognizing a new downloadable update. So when players try and download a new update, the game won’t let them log in and gives them the error message.

In order to get around this, players can try to check Warzone for updates first. This can be done on PC and consoles by going to the application’s page. Once there, players can go to “options” and the button to “Check for Updates” should be present.

If that doesn’t work, players can go offline, as the error code instructs players to do. Both console and PC players can do this, by going to their system’s settings. After going offline, players can go back online and try to log in again.

If those two options fail, players can attempt to restart their system or uninstall and reinstall Warzone altogether. The uninstall option is a last resort, as Warzone Pacific is well over 100 GBs in download size.

These fixes should work for most players but if they don’t, then players will have to wait for Raven Software to patch the error or keep trying to log in to Warzone.

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