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A yellow creature in Palworld holding a minigun.
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How to fix stuck or lost Pals in your Palworld base

Your Pals are cute, but it's very annoying when they get stuck or lost when they're supposed to be working. Here's how to fix it in Palworld.

If you’re playing Palworld, you better be putting those odd little creatures to work. If you’ve notice one has gotten stuck, or you’ve lost one who should be doing something for you, here’s what you can do to remedy the situation.

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Yes, all these interesting Pal monsters are cute. Sure, they deserve a break once in a while. Sometimes though, they take a big break. They get stuck on a task and don’t complete it, or they just disappear entirely and you don’t know where they went.

How to fix stuck Pals in Palworld

If two of your Pals have gotten stuck, usually on each other, then the fix is really simple. Just walk over to your two problem Pals, pick one up, and throw it away from the problem.

If that doesn’t work, try swapping them out for a random Pal in your Palbox. This isn’t ideal, but you can always swap them back again, as the originally stuck Pal will spawn right in front of you, and get straight back to work.

How to avoid Pals getting stuck

Truthfully, there’s no surefire way to stop them getting stuck, and if your Pals are anything like mine, they will find a way to get stuck regardless. However, the best way I’ve found to keep them from getting in each other’s way is to space out your base as much as possible.

Giving them as much room as possible to waddle about seems to keep them apart for the most part. I’d also suggest using as many small Pals as possible, as they’re less likely to get caught on each other as big Pals are.

How to fix lost Pals

Fixing lost Pals is a little more difficult, but the best way I’ve found so far is to simply exit your world, go back to the main menu, and go back in.

Any time this has happened to me, my missing Pals have reappeared and gotten back to work, but I know some have suggested that this hasn’t worked for them. It’s worth trying but be prepared that your little friend may be missing for good.