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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Season one concludes on Thursday, Feb. 25, along with this installment’s Battle Pass.

This season’s Battle Pass featured a plethora of great rewards. From MAC-10 and Groza skins to the Legendary Operator Stitch, there’s plenty to unlock. However, completing all 100 tiers before Season two arrives is proving a difficult task for some.

While some fans finished the pass weeks ago, other players might be close to the finish line as the Season one timer continues to count down. If you’re in this crowd, fear not. There’s a concrete way to earn more XP so that you can finish the Battle Pass quickly.

Finishing the Black Ops Cold War Season 1 Battle Pass faster

Black Ops Cold War Season 1 Battle Pass
The Season one Battle Pass features 100 tiers of unlocks for players. Image via Activision

There are some false rumors in the Black Ops Cold War community as to what grants you additional XP. Some fans believe that Multiplayer modes, like Kill Confirmed, are the best way to earn the maximum amount of XP. Others believe that playing the big-team Fireteam mode is the fastest way to earn levels.

However, the quickest route to earning XP and leveling up your Battle Pass is by playing Zombies. The amount of XP you can build up in a single Zombies game is staggering, but it all depends on how many Zombies you kill.

Additionally, gaining more XP depends on who you’re playing the mode with. If you decide to go at it solo, then you’ll earn tiny amounts of XP each round compared to playing in a group.

A Redditor recently collected data comparing the Solo vs. Group XP rates in Zombies. The results are eye-opening.

xp breakdown. also known as an absolute joke. from CODZombies

As the graph shows, playing in a group of any kind rewards you with nearly quadruple the XP in Zombies. A group isn’t defined as a party of friends though; you can play in a public lobby and receive these same results.

If you’re someone who hasn’t reached tier 100 on the Black Ops Cold War Season one Battle Pass, playing Zombies with a group gives you the best chance of finishing. Season two of Cold War and Warzone is set to begin on Feb. 25. Hop into Zombies and collect that XP!