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Riot Games’ Valorant has a well-rounded practice arena that allows you to practice your shooting and… jumping skills? Yes, there is in fact a parkour course in the back of the “Open Range” practice mode. The course allows you to jump your way around the destroyed buildings around the map and explore new areas.

After selecting Open Range under the practice section, you’ll be spawned into the map. Your agent will be facing a wooden bridge with a few floating targets in the sky. If you’re looking for the parkour course, you’ll turn left and walk down the hallway instead of walking forward.

Valorant parkour course

Once you’ve reached the wooden doors, you’ll need to turn right towards the garden area of the map. Here you’ll see a brick building with blue graffiti plastered on the side of it. The graffiti arches downward towards a staircase, which is where you’ll start the course.

Valorant parkour course

Valorant’s parkour course

Throughout the course, you’ll see various light blue foot and handprints to guide you along if you ever get lost. You first see these prints at the start of the course. Additionally, the text “course started” will appear on your screen whenever you get close enough to the footprints. Your agent will also throw their fist in the air to signify you’ve started.

There are various checkpoints along the way for when you accidentally fall off the map after missing a jump. Whenever you pass one of these checkpoints, your Agent will once again throw their fist in the air. The text “checkpoints reached -/16” will appear. As you progress through the course you’ll be notified of how many checkpoints you have passed until you get to the end. Furthermore, whenever a checkpoint is reached, you have the option to reset your progress. This will spawn you near the brick building and allow you to start the course over again. You can use this reset button as a challenge for yourself. If you’re playing an Agent that allows you to cheat your way through the course, you can reset to pass the course without using abilities.

The end

Once you’ve completed all 16 checkpoints, you’ll be greeted with a golden trophy at the top of the tallest building. Inside the trophy is a small brown bear sticking its head out of the top. What exactly it is doing there is uncertain, but it’s cute.


Valorant’s parkour course is a great way to test out Agents’ abilities as well as your jumping skills. It can also be a fun way to challenge your friends and see who can make it to the top first. 100 Thieves did a similar challenge with its content creators.

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