How to find Secure and Scavenger Backpacks in MW2 DMZ
How to find Secure and Scavenger Backpacks in MW2 DMZ
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How to find Secure and Scavenger Backpacks in MW2 DMZ

Two new packs in DMZ

Secure and Scavenger Backpacks are two of the newest items in Season 3 of Call of Duty DMZ.

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The backpacks work differently from each other and are both used for specific purposes. These were added in Season 3 alongside new plate carriers and crafting stations, such as the Barter and Contraband Workbenches. All of this new content works in concert with one another, as players will need to make use of all of it if they want to access the Season 3 items.

To see how to find both the Secure and Scavenger and Backpacks in DMZ, keep reading the guide below.

Finding Secure Backpacks in DMZ

Warzone 2 DMZ Secure & Scavenger Backpacks Explained: What Are They & How to Get Them

First up, we have the Secure Backpacks. This item is different from any other backpack in DMZ, as it allows players to keep the items in their pack when they exfil instead of trading them in for XP. This is especially useful for players who want to keep any rare items they found, such as killstreaks, self-revive kits, gas masks, and anything else.

To find a Secure Backpack, players can search orange caches and specific Buy Stations across Al Mazrah and Ashika Island. However, players can also craft a Secure Backpack using the new Barter station. Players will need to find the Barter recipe and necessary materials to craft the Secure Backpack.

Finding Scavenger Backpacks in DMZ

On the other hand, Scavenger Backpacks are more like the other packs in DMZ. They don’t have a third weapon slot like the more advanced backpacks, but they can hold many more items. These backpacks are great for players looking to earn a ton of XP in a match.

To find a Scavenger Backpack, players will need to once again search orange caches, specific Buy Stations, and can craft it at a Barter station. The recipe for a Scavenger Backpack will be different from that of the Secure Backpack in DMZ.

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