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An Act One mission in Call of Duty MW3 Zombies requires you to find Ammo Mod Circuit Boards to activate three separate Deadbolt Turrets. This can be quite a confusing challenge, as you might not know what an Ammo Mod Circuit Board is or how to find one.

Fortunately, this challenge is relatively simple to complete, but only if you get lucky in finding the Ammo Mod Circuit Boards in Zombies. There is a major RNG element to finding these items, so you might have to play a few matches and search hundreds of different containers to eventually find all three Ammo Mod Circuit Boards for the mission.

In the guide below, I’ll show you exactly how I managed to find the Ammo Mod Circuit Boards and how to activate the Deadbolt Turrets with them in MW3 Zombies.

Finding Ammo Mod Circuit Boards in MW3 Zombies

For starters, there are two different types of Circuit Boards you can loot in Zombies. One is a basic “Turret Circuit” that is a blue rarity item while the other is an “Ammo Mod Circuit Board” that looks nearly identical to the other one, but instead has an elemental damage type associated with it. As you can see in the screenshot below, the circuit boards you’re looking for have something like “Napalm Burst” written on them.

Screenshot via Upcomer

These are the only types of circuit boards you can use to activate the Deadbolt Turrets for the Act One mission in Zombies. Any other basic Turret Circuits won’t count towards the mission.

To find Ammo Mod Circuit Boards, you need to look specifically in Merc Caches or reward caches from completing Aether Nests, Mercenary Strongholds, or Infected Strongholds. These are the only types of containers that Ammo Mod Circuit Boards can spawn in, which means it might take a while before you’re able to find three of them. I myself spent over two hours finding all three, as the RNG was simply not on my side.

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Activating Deadbolt Turrets in MW3 Zombies

Once you have an Ammo Mod Circuit Board, look on your map to find a Sentry Gun icon. This is a Deadbolt Turret, which you can walk up to and interact with. This brings up an inventory, which lets you place an Ammo Mod Circuit Board from your own inventory into it.

Screenshot via Upcomer

After you do that, leave the Deadbolt Turret and it should start firing at nearby enemies. This means it has been activated and should give you progress toward completing the mission in MW3 Zombies.