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With the Season 6 update in Call of Duty: Warzone, Raven Software added some new elements to the map of Verdansk. Most of the new aspects are in the form of old-fashioned World War II bunkers. This is Warzone’s way of transitioning from Verdansk to The Pacific map, which will arrive with Call of Duty: Vanguard. Regardless of the reason they’re there, though, players are anxious to find out where exactly they can find these bunkers in Warzone Season 6.

Along with being a simple new map addition to Verdansk, the bunkers also hold advanced loot for players to equip. Their locations don’t move from match to match, though, which means there will likely be some competition from enemy players to get inside of the bunker.

We’ve detailed each of the bunker locations below.

Every bunker location in Warzone Season 6

There are three bunkers to start in Season 6 of Warzone. It’s unknown if Raven Software will continue to add the bunkers throughout the season but for now, players have three to explore.

The bunkers are spread out across the northern/western side of the map. The southern locations don’t hold any bunkers as of now, which could be a sign that more are coming with a future update. The exact locations of the bunkers in Season 6 of Warzone are as follows:

  • Just outside of Boneyard, on the northeastern side
  • To the east of Airport and the west of TV Station
  • To the northeast of TV Station and to the south of Quarry

Each bunker can be accessed in two ways. The first is by reaching the underground of the map, which is the normal way to find them. The other way is through red storage containers, which are a great indicator to locate the bunkers. Once inside, players can grab any available loot or even ambush enemies also looking for the loot.