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The Hiker’s Havoc event is currently ongoing in Call of Duty Mobile and players are struggling to complete some of its challenges. The event requires players to partake in certain tasks so they can earn a flurry of rewards, like the LK24 Mosiac skin. One of those tasks includes earning a Marathon medal, which provided more trouble than players thought. However, one of the following challenges requires players to find and travel 2,000 meters in a muscle car.

This task sounds like a breeze, as the COD Mobile battle royale is littered with vehicles. Much to the player’s surprise, though, muscle cars are not easy to come by. This means that players can’t complete the challenge and earn the “Put in Drive” spray or 3,000 Battle Pass XP.

Finding a muscle car in COD Mobile

The muscle cars are wide, low to the ground vehicles that are dark in color and have two doors. They’re not too difficult to spot once players see them on the map. While there’s no set spawn point for the muscle cars in COD Mobile battle royale, players can follow a general rule of sticking near roads. This is where cars are given a bigger chance to spawn. Players can expedite this process by finding a helicopter and flying along roads until they spot the muscle car.

Muscle car in COD Mobile
One of the muscle cars in COD Mobile. | Provided by Activision

Once the car is located, players must get in and drive 2,000 meters. This is easily done by simply driving up and down the roads of COD Mobile’s standard battle royale map. Players should make sure they stay in the zone and stick to roads on the outside of the zone, as this will lessen the chance of an enemy spotting the car.

After players have driven 2,000 meters in the muscle car, this Hiker’s Havoc challenge is complete in COD Mobile.