How to earn the Medic medal in COD Mobile Season 6
COD Mobile Medic medal
Provided by Activision

How to earn the Medic medal in COD Mobile Season 6

Earn this medal with ease in Season 6
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Medals in COD Mobile can be tricky achievements to earn. Whether a user is playing zombies, battle royale or multiplayer, they’ll earn a wide variety of medals throughout their time. Players often need to earn specific medals to complete a challenge or quest during a season. In Season 6, one of the medals that some players are required to earn is the Medic Medal.

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While the medal might sound like an easy one to earn, it’s more difficult than players think. It’s also only available in one COD Mobile mode, so players are restricted in that regard. This guide will show players what the Medic medal is and how they can earn it in Season 6.

Earning the Medic medal in COD Mobile

The Medic medal is part of the Alcatraz Anarchy event going on in COD Mobile. Players need to complete tasks within the event in order to get to the challenge that requires the earning of a Medic medal.

As the name of the event suggests, players will need to play Alcatraz battle royale in order for the challenge to count. Alcatraz is a hectic map that allows respawning up until the final few players of a match. This bodes well for players who want to complete this challenge as quick as possible.

To earn the Medic medal in COD Mobile, players need to “recover more than 200 HP in a match. Excluding Warfare Mode.” This means players need to have more than 200 HP and then get damaged down to 10 or less HP. Once this happens, players need to find cover and then heal back their health to where it was originally.

COD Mobile Medic Medal
The Medic medal in COD Mobile. | Provided by Activision

After players have done that, the medal will pop up in their profile’s achievements section and complete the Alcatraz Anarchy event task.

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