How to earn the Berserker medal in COD Mobile Season 6
Berserker medal COD Mobile
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How to earn the Berserker medal in COD Mobile Season 6

A confusing medal in COD Mobile
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Throughout a season of COD Mobile, whether to complete a challenge or to earn a new weapon or cosmetic, players must earn specific medals. This is why it’s prudent for every user to know about each medal available in the hit mobile title. One of the more confusing medals that players can earn is the Berserker medal.

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This medal was at the center of the COD Mobile universe when the shovel melee weapon was added to the game. Players needed to earn several Berserker medals in order to complete a challenge on their way to unlocking the shovel. In Season 6, however, players aren’t required to gain the Berserker medal for anything in particular. But they should still know what it is and how to earn it for any future challenges.

Earning the Berserker medal in COD Mobile

Players can see the description of each and every medal in COD Mobile by navigating to their profile’s achievement list. There, players can see what medals there are in-game and how many of each medal they’ve earned. When hovering over the Berserker medal, players can read its exact description, which is as follows:

  • Get 3 kills in a single game without dying

This medal is a bit confusing, as players also receive a medal for getting five kills without dying (Bloodthirsty medal). However, the Berserker medal is a little easier, as two fewer kills are needed.

In order to earn Berserker medals in COD Mobile, players need to play on maps and game modes they’re comfortable with. Traditional Team Deathmatch on a small or medium-sized map, like Highrise or Raid, is the best route for a majority of players. However, it comes down to personal preference.

Players must use a submachine gun or assault rifle. These give them the best chance of success regardless of the situation they’re in. From here, players must find a spot on the map they can patrol. Moving around too much involves high risk, as an enemy could spawn behind where the player is. Staying in a certain area and looking all around for enemies is the optimal route for success in earning a Berserker medal.

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