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There are several weapons that have some bugged camo challenges in Call of Duty: Vanguard. Because of these bugs, earning the final Gold camo, and eventually Diamond and Atomic, seems impossible to do. However, just like with the Gold Automaton, there are tricks to working around these bugs. Two Vanguard weapons that have prominent bugs with their Gold camo challenges are the Double Barrel and 3-Line Rifle.

Each weapon has an attachment required to use in order to progress one of the 10 camo sections. For both the 3-Line Rifle and Double Barrel, players need to use the Assassin Proficiency, at some point, to unlock Gold camo. The problem is that there is no such thing as the Assassin Proficiency in Vanguard multiplayer. This makes it seem like completing that camo section and earning the final Gold camo is currently impossible in multiplayer.

However, there exists a simple fix for players to easily do so.

Earning Gold on the Double Barrel and 3-Line Rifle in Vanguard

For starters, players need to rank up both the 3-Line Rifle and Double Barrel to max Level 70. This simply ensures that they meet all of the requirements to earn Gold camo on either weapon. The next step is to find the camo section that requires the use of the Assassin Proficiency.

Once players find it, they can replace it on their loadout with the following Proficiency:

  • 3-Line Rifle: Replace Assassin with Quickscope
  • Double Barrel: Replace Assassin with Frenzy

After players use the above Proficiencies, along with the other required attachments, they can start progressing that specific camo section. Once they complete the section, Gold camo isn’t impossible to earn any more, provided players complete the other nine sections.

It’s unclear when Sledgehammer Games will implement a fix for the Assassin Proficiency bug in Vanguard. However, an update is supposed to be arriving this week, so players should keep a lookout.