How to do the Tombstone perk glitch in MW3 Zombies
How to do the Tombstone perk glitch in Mw3 Zombies
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How to do the Tombstone perk glitch in MW3 Zombies

Not the way Tombstone Soda was intended to be used

If you have seen other players in Call of Duty MW3 Zombies have fully maxed weapons, hundreds of thousands of Essence, and rare Schematics at the start of a match, then you have encountered the Tombstone glitch.

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Any player with ungodly amounts of Essence and all of their items within five minutes of a match starting is taking advantage of a specific glitch with the Tombstone Soda perk. This glitch has been ravaging Zombies lobbies for over a month and it’s still not patched at the time of writing. So, if you’re looking to score some easy Essence and make your matches easier, you can see how to do the Tombstone glitch in Zombies in the guide below.

As a note, there’s always a risk to your account when performing glitches, so keep that in mind.

Doing the Tombstone glitch in MW3 Zombies

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The steps to doing the Tombstone glitch can be convoluted and time-consuming, so don’t expect to perform this glitch in a matter of minutes. It takes some setting up and for you to participate in a couple of Zombies matches before you’re able to reap its rewards.

The steps to doing the Tombstone glitch are viewable below:

  • Bring a Tombstone Soda perk in your Rucksack and head into a match with Squad-Fill enabled. You can also buy a Tombstone Soda on the map once you’re in the match.
  • Use the Tombstone Soda perk and then find a way to die.
  • Drop into a new match and then find the spot where you died. Your items from that match will be waiting for you in a grave thanks to the Tombstone Soda perk you activated.
  • Grab your items from the grave, acquire as much Essence and rare items as possible, and then head to an Exfil location.
  • When the Exfil Chopper lands, hop in and then wait for the countdown timer to reach its final seconds. As this happens, close your application (on PC, you can hit Alt+F4).
  • Open your application again and head into the Zombies lobby. You should still see all of your items in your Rucksack.
  • Start a new match and check the map. You should see your Tombstone grave marked on the map. Head to it and check the grave. If you did everything right, all of your items will be duplicated.

That’s the process of doing the Tombstone glitch in MW3 Zombies. I’m sure this will get patched at some point, so whenever that happens I’ll update this guide. For now, though, you can use this glitch freely (at your own risk).

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