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League of Legends: Wild Rift Patch 2.5 is introducing a system called Guild, which is a new way to play with friends and earn exclusive rewards. It also allows players to create tight-knit communities in-game.

Features of Guild

Each Guild created will have a name, tag and icon. The Guild name is the formal name of every Guild and many teams can share one Guild name. Every team must have its unique Guild tag to differentiate themselves from others. Tags can only be a maximum of five characters and they are the only way for players to search through the Guild finder.

Guild Home
Guild Home. | Provided by Riot Games

Furthermore, every team will have the same Guild logo and icons next to their Guild tags. New icons can be unlocked as they progress and win games. All Guilds are required to set their description, privacy level, language and topic labels when created.

There is also a Guild feed that allows Guildmates to share screens and updates. Depending on privacy settings, only members of a Guild can see the Guild feed. Additionally, the new system includes a Guild chat. This gives the community a place to socialize or look for members for a game. Guilds receive 1,000 energy every day, which must be converted into points by teammates playing together. All teams need Guild Points to increase their Guild levels and get new gifts as they climb higher.

guild levels
Guild point system. | Provided by Riot Games

How to create and join Guilds in Wild Rift

The Guild system is only available to Wild Rift players in Level 9 or above with a clean record in the last 60 days. Such a player must also have played at least three PvP matches, ranked or ARAM, in the last two weeks. Moreover, players will need 450 Poro coins to buy a Guild creation token or 200 Wild Cores to automatically create one.

Guild Finder
The Guild Finder. | Provided by Riot Games

If a player is looking to join a Guild instead of spending their coins, they can either join a friend’s Guild or use the Guild finder. The Guild finder shows players a list of Guilds open with their level, number and method of in-game communication used. All Guilds are limited to just 40 members with a possible upgrade to 140 members by leveling up.

Wild Rift Patch 2.5 will also include Guild vs. Guild, a weekly event where each Guild must collect supplies during that period to win. Each Guild will need to finish certain quests. One part of the Guild will have an Armed status while the others will have an Unarmed status. Both sides must play with each other to receive supplies to become Armed. At the end of the event, the Guilds with more Armed players receive more rewards.