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The Welgun SMG was added to Call of Duty: Vanguard one week ago but is facing some bugs in multiplayer. One of the most severe is that once players unlock the Welgun, they can’t see any of the camo challenges for it. The actual camos themselves can be unlocked but players don’t know the challenges associated with each camo. The descriptions are blank for each of the camos, leaving players confused as to how to get Gold.

Sledgehammer Games has yet to address this issue and players are in the midst of ranking the Welgun up and trying to complete their challenges. In order to make the process easier, players have discovered each of the camo challenges for the gun. As of right now, a few of the challenges are bugged but they’re much easier to complete than other SMGs’ challenges.

The Welgun camo challenges in Vanguard

The Welgun has 10 camo challenges just like any other weapon in Vanguard. However, since they’re all glitched, players are unclear on what they need to do to unlock each camo. Below, players can see the full description of how to unlock each camo in full for the Welgun.

  • Pack Tactics: 300 Eliminations
  • Surgical: 100 Headshots
  • Predatory Ambition: 50 multikills
  • Reptilian: 30 five-kill streaks
  • Deadeye: 100 Longshots
  • Berserker: 100 close-range kills
  • Wildcat: 100 hip-fire kills
  • Survivalist: 100 kills with any attachments
  • Mindgames: 100 kills with any attachments
  • Death Artist: 100 kills with any attachments

The last three camos for the Welgun are glitched even more so. According to player reports, and tested by Upcomer, players can throw on any set of attachments and the camos will track. Usually, players have to equip specific attachments and do a specific challenger with them on the weapon. However, for the Welgun in its current state, all players need to do is get 100 kills with the Welgun and the camo challenges will progress.

As of right now, this still works for the Welgun and should continue to work until Sledgehammer Games deploys a patch.