How to complete the Pacific Foothold Mission in DMZ
DMZ Ashika Island Pacific Foothold mission
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How to complete the Pacific Foothold Mission in DMZ

The ultimate RNG mission

One of the new Faction missions in Season 2 of Call of Duty DMZ is called “Pacific Foothold.” This is a Tier 4 mission for the White Lotus Faction, and it requires players to find three separate items on Ashika Island. While this seems like a simple fetch quest, it requires a slew of RNG, as the items you need to find are not in dedicated locations on the map. This means that players will have to essentially rely on luck in order to complete this mission.

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However, there are some ways that you can expedite the process, mainly by looking in the right places. If you want to complete Pacific Foothold faster in DMZ, then keep reading below.

Completing the Pacific Foothold Mission in DMZ

In order, players need to find the following items in the Pacific Foothold mission:

  • 3 bottles of Gun Oil
  • 2 Videocassette Recorders
  • 1 Blow Torch

If you’ve played Ashika Island extensively in Season 2, then you have likely stumbled across one or more of these items. However, that was all by chance, as none of these items spawn in set locations on the map.

For the Gun Oil and Videocassette Recorders, your best bet is to search the market that’s found north of the Beach Club. This area has dozens of shelves, all of which are chock-full of loot. Of course, you likely won’t find all that you need on your first trip there, so keep going back in different matches until you find everything you need.

Once you do, you need to bring both the Gun Oil and Videocassette Recorders to the Resident Dead Drop, which can be found in the Residental POI inside of a white dumpster. This white dumpster is found just outside of a house that’s located on the northeast side of the location.

After you have collected and dropped off the Gun Oil and Videocassette Recorders, your next step is to find a Blow Torch. This is an exceedingly rare item in DMZ, so it will likely take you several matches to find it. The best areas to search for a Blow Torch is inside of the warehouses in Oganikku Farms and inside the dock houses at Port Ashika. Just search every container, shelf, and area that you can around these locations until you find the Blow Torch.

If you manage to find it, deliver it to the same Residential Dead Drop, and the Pacific Foothold mission will be complete in DMZ.

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