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Overnight, the Festive Fervor event went live in Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone Pacific. This is Call of Duty’s annual holiday event and players can celebrate by participating in the limited-time game modes. They can also complete Festive Fervor challenges to earn holiday-themed content, such as blueprints, calling cards, charms and more.

The event is only live for 18 days, so players need to complete their challenges quickly if they want to earn all of the possible content. Luckily, Upcomer will go over all of the challenges in both Vanguard and Warzone Pacific so that players can see what they can do to earn every limited-time reward in the event.

Completing Festive Fervor event challenges

Players can access the Festive Fervor event page through the top taskbar in Vanguard and Warzone Pacific. The tab is right next to “Play” and, once on the page, players can view all of the challenges in either game. Those challenges and their rewards are listed below.


  • Eliminate Krampus 3 times – Battle Pass Tier Skip
  • Kill 10 Elf Team 6 members hiding in MP maps – Cookie Crumbler Calling Card
  • Open 5 Care Packages – Gift Receipt Sticker
  • Get 5 kills with Killstreaks – Double XP Token
  • Complete 10 matches of Armageddon – Santa’s Delivery Calling Card
  • Complete 15 matches on Shipment – Tenembaum Charm
Festive Fervor weapon blueprint
The weapon blueprint players receive for completing all Festive Fervor challenges. | Provided by Activision

Warzone Pacific

  • Play Warzone for 7 hours – Double XP Token
  • Travel 25 miles in Warzone – Derailed Spray
  • Do 365 damage to Krampus in Warzone – Skullflake Emblem
  • Destroy 12 Elves in Warzone – Toy Gun Calling Card
  • Open 24 Holiday Crates in Warzone – Naughty List Emblem
  • Visit 8 Deck The Halls Tree Locations in Warzone – Gnome Wars Calling Card

Once players have completed all of the challenges for either game, they’ll unlock the Ol’ Timey Type 11 LMG weapon blueprint. The blueprint screams Christmas and comes with six attachments. Festive Fervor lasts until after the new year, so players can enjoy the holiday-themed content until then.

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