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Call of Duty: Warzone 2 releases in just over a week, which will introduce a brand new battle royale experience to the franchise.

Activision is hoping that the second version of the battle royale will be just as, if not more successful than its predecessor. However, for many, the original Warzone will always hold a special place in their gaming memories. For this reason, and as a way to cap off the two-year run for Warzone, Activision has revealed a neat way to view your lifetime stats for the current version of the BR.

This can be done through the “My Warzone Legacy” video, which was introduced earlier today. This video showcased different milestones along a player’s journey in Warzone. From the stats from their first-ever drop to their lifetime number of kills to the teammates they preferred to play with, most of the details you could ever want are shown throughout the video. If you want to learn how to access your specific Warzone Legacy video and see your lifetime stats, keep reading below.

Check your lifetime Warzone stats

In order to view your My Warzone Legacy video, you need to do a couple of things. First, you need to locate your Activision ID. This can be done in-game by going to Settings and then going to Account and Network. Here, you can click on Activision ID and see your tag and number that’s associated with your account. You can also go to Activision’s website, view your account information, and see the ID there.

Either way, once you have that information, go to the official page for the My Warzone Legacy video and enter your Activision ID. Then, you will be able to view your video in full. Each video is around one and a half minutes. These videos will only be able to be claimed until Nov. 20, so you better hurry to see yours. You might also want to save the video to your computer or tweet it out so you can go back and watch it whenever you want.

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