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Call of Duty Vanguard is the first Call of Duty title to offer a field of view slider for both PC and console, which extends the observable game seen on a display at any given moment. This setting is purely based on personal preference for whoever is playing, but personalizing FOV can improve Vanguard gameplay by letting players more around their character model.

For console, the FOV slider starts at 80 as the default setting and can be moved to any point between 60 and 120. Each interval of 20 is showcased on the righthand side of the screen to show how much of a difference the FOV can make on visuals in-game. While the FOV slider can affect visuals dramatically, the FOV can only be changed for multiplayer and zombies. The FOV for the campaign remains locked at 80.

FOV setting on console in Vanguard

Players can access the FOV slider through the settings tab in the Vanguard loading screen. To get to settings, players must hit the corresponding button, which can be found in the bottom left of the screen depending on which console is being used. Once in the settings, head to the “Graphics” tab, where the visual settings of the game can be changed.

FOV slider settings in Vanguard
Provided by Call of Duty

To find the FOV slider, look ender the “Color Customization” section of “Graphics.” Using the graphic on the side of the screen for reference, players can adjust their FOV to whatever setting feels most comfortable. Call of Duty professionals has been known to share their settings with the community, including which FOV setting they use. That way it is easier for players to decide which number on the slider they should go with.