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Blind Fire is one of the new mechanics Sledgehammer Games introduced with Call of Duty: Vanguard. While players originally thought the mechanic would be game-breaking, it hasn’t played much of a role in multiplayer thus far. Part of that can be attributed to players not seeing a need to go into Blind Fire. However, another part is simply because players don’t know how to enter into a Blind Fire in Vanguard.

There are some niche situations when players can use Blind Fire to their advantage. Players who are going for 100% in multiplayer will also need to complete a challenge revolving around Blind Fire. They’ll need to earn a set amount of kills using the mechanic, so it’s prudent for players to know how and when to use the mechanic in Vanguard multiplayer.

Using Blind Fire in Vanguard

Entering into Blind Fire in Call of Duty: Vanguard is fairly simple. Players first need to find a wall or surface that they can crouch behind. They need to ensure this wall or surface has space behind it where enemies could come from. Once they’ve crouched behind the surface, they should see an option to press an input for Blind Fire. An image is showcased below for reference.

The Blind Fire mechanic in Call of Duty: Vanguard
The option to enter into Blind Fire is clearly shown on screen. | Provided by Activision

After players press the input to Blind Fire, they’ll begin firing their weapon over or around the surface they’re behind. These shots won’t be too accurate but can kill an enemy that’s close enough. Players won’t show much of their body but enemies can still kill them with well-placed shots.

Because of Blind Fire’s inaccurate shots, players shouldn’t rely on the mechanic too often in Vanguard. However, in a tight situation near an objective, Blind Fire can be a useful tool to get some hits in on enemies and possibly secure eliminations. At the end of the day, though, players will likely be better off mounting on a surface rather than Blind Firing.

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