How to beat the Circhester Gym in Pokémon Sword and Shield
Circhester Gym Pokémon Sword Shield

How to beat the Circhester Gym in Pokémon Sword and Shield

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Circhester is the home of the second Gym in Galar that is different depending on whether you have Pokémon Sword or Shield. If you have Sword, it will be a Rock-type Gym. If you have Shield, it is Ice-type. Here are the best counters for both versions and how to beat the Gym Mission.

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The best Pokémon for Circhester Gym

Against the Rock-type Gym

Rock-type Pokémon are weak against Grass, Water, Fighting, Steel, and Ground-type moves. This gives you plenty of options when it comes to choosing Pokémon. Given that many of the Rock-types in the Gym have Fire and Bug as second typings, the best overall type to take against this Gym is Water.

By the time you reach Circhester, you have a plethora of different options for Water-types. Inteleon, Barreskewda, Gyarados, and Ludicolo are some of the bests in this generation. Ludicolo is especially good here because he is also Grass-type.

Against the Ice-type Gym

Ice-type Pokémon are weak against Fighting, Fire, Rock, and Steel-type moves. Due to second typings, Fighting-type Pokémon are excellent offensive choices against this Gym. Machamp, Conkeldurr, Falinks, and Pangoro are good choices.

Beating the Gym Mission

In both versions of the game, the Circhester Gym will give you a trap detector to help you navigate different areas. Each area will have holes that you can fall through. When you get close to these holes, the trap detector will begin to vibrate harder. You will need to determine where the holes are and navigate your way around them.

In addition to navigating through the trap maze, there are also several trainers you will need to fight. These battles should be relatively easy, as long as you have the proper counters.

Once you’ve made it through the Circhester Gym Mission, you will get to face either Gordie or Melony. The Rock-type Leader, Gordie, has a Level 40 Barbaracle and Shuckle, a Level 41 Stonjourner, and a Level 42 Coalossal that he will Gigantamax. The Ice-type Leader, Melony, has a Level 40 Frosmoth and Galarian Darmanitan, a Level 41 Eiscue, and a Level 42 Lapras that she will Gigantamax.


Beating the Circhester Gym Leaders shouldn’t be too tough if you have the proper counters. Be wary of each Pokémon’s second type so you can choose the best matchup in your party. Once you beat them, it will be on to Spikemuth for a very unique Gym Challenge.

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