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Call of Duty Vanguard has avenues for players to be as sneaky as possible with the Ninja perk. However, some of the operators unintentionally give themselves away when they fall or mantle through audible grunts.

The Ninja perk in Call of Duty Vanguard allows for footsteps to not be audible while moving around in-game. Ninja also allows the efficacy of the opponent’s tracker perks to being reduced, making players harder to hunt down. One of the more helpful aspects of the Ninja perk is also its ability to decrease damage from falling. However, some operators still make audible noises when falling.

To prevent these unnecessary noises and keep the element of surprise, players can equip one of three operators that, when falling or mantling, don’t make any audience noises or grunts. This allows players to parkour around the map without being detected by enemies with sound.


Constanze is one of the three operators that allow players to be completely silent when mantling or falling. She does not come unlocked by default when starting the game and can be unlocked by completing her challenge. To obtain her, players must get 300 light machine gun kills. Players can view her challenge under the Sentinels tab of operators.


Another Sentinels operator, Padmavati will also allow players to keep the element of surprise on their side. She is not unlocked by default when starting Vanguard but can be accessed by completing her challenge. Players will have to earn 200 shotgun skills to be able to play Padmavati.


The third and final stealth operator is Beatrice, who is the first and only Barbarian operator on the list. She has an easier unlock process at the start of the game compared to Padmavati and Constanze. To unlock Beatrice, players will have to get five kills without dying a total of 10 times using any weapon. Her challenge can be found under the Barbarian operator tab.