How to add bots to a Private Match in MW3
How to add bots to a private match in MW3
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How to add bots to a Private Match in MW3

Practice your craft against the true bots of multiplayer

If you have ever wanted a place to practice your skills or test out a new loadout in Call of Duty MW3, then you likely went into a Private Match. It’s the safest environment for any player to become better and hone their craft. However, this is often an easier endeavor when you add bots to a Private Match, which can be confusing in MW3.

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Bots have long been a staple of Private Matches in Call of Duty, providing a simple way for players to simulate a real match against enemies of their desired skill level. With the way Private Matches work in MW3, though, it has been a struggle for some to find out how to even add a bot to their lobby.

I will explain everything you need to know about getting bots into your Private Match in the guide below.

Adding bots to a Private Match in MW3

For starters, you need to know how to get to the Private Match section of MW3. I covered this in a previous guide, but basically, you need to scroll over where it says “Multiplayer, Zombies, Warzone” in the COD HQ menu. There, you’ll see the box for “Private Match,” which you can click on to create or join a Private Match. I recommend creating your own match, as this is the only way to add bots to your game.

Once you’re in a Private Match, set your desired map, game mode, and rules by pressing “Game Setup.” After that’s done, using your mouse or controller to navigate to the right-hand side of the screen. Here, right under your name, you will see a long box with a “+” in it. Click on this box and a menu will appear on the right.

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This menu allows you to invite another player as well as add bots. You can set the amount of bots you want and their difficulty level using the dedicated boxes. The easiest level of bot is “Recruit” difficulty while the hardest level is “Veteran.” If you’re playing Free-For-All, the maximum number of bots you can add is 11, but other modes will only allow you to add five.

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Once you’re done adjusting your bot settings, click on the “Confirm” button right below the difficulty level, and boom, you have now just added bots to your Private Match.

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