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There’s a new event live in Call of Duty: Warzone Season 5 Reloaded called The Numbers, and players can complete the challenges set forth by the event to earn the Sai melee weapon.

This event combines the storylines of Black Ops Cold War and Warzone. Stitch, Cold War’s main villain, is repeating a sequence at the broadcast stations in Warzone and players need to stop it. While the event doesn’t take too long to complete, one of the hardest tasks players are up against is actually finding and activating broadcast stations in Warzone.

Activating the Broadcast Stations in Warzone

To complete this challenge, players need to find all nine broadcast stations across Verdansk. These stations don’t move from match to match, so players don’t have to worry about looking for new spots in each game they play. Players can look on the map before a match and locate each of the stations by their red icon. The location for each broadcast station is also listed below:

  • Boneyard (Block C5)
  • Train Station (Block C6)
  • Airport (Block D3)
  • Hills (Block D8)
  • Military Base (Block E2)
  • TV Station (Block F5)
  • Port (Block G7)
  • Salt Mine (Block H3)
  • Farmland (Block H6)

Once players arrive at each of the stations, they need to find the huge military trucks with an antenna on top of them. On these trucks, players can find a red button on a yellow backplate near the antenna. Players can approach this button, press the “Activate” button and move on to the next broadcast station. After all nine have been activated like this, the challenge has been completed.