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Season 4 of Call of Duty: Vanguard has been going strong for a few weeks ,but Activision has recently decided to up the ante. This upcoming weekend, from July 20-26, Activision will allow any player on any system that does not already own Vanguard to play multiplayer for free.

This includes the base multiplayer mode, including all of the post-launch content, as well as Zombies. So if any player has been on the fence about trying Vanguard before Modern Warfare II releases, now is the time to act.

Of course, a free weekend does bring its own benefits and negatives for those who already own and play Vanguard. While the lobbies will be full of new players, there could also be a larger than normal cheating issue. Players often use the free weekend to create multiple accounts and install cheats on them because there’s no real threat. Activision could ban them, but since they didn’t pay money for the game, it usually doesn’t matter because players can make a new, free account.

Regardless of that, this is a great time for players to get in and experience a game they might not have had the chance to do before. Below, fans can see exactly how to access the free period in Vanguard.

The free period in Vanguard

On Call of Duty’s blog, Activision states that the free period will last from July 20 at 1 p.m. ET to July 26 at 11 a.m. ET. Every bit of content will be available, including the new Season 4 multiplayer USS Texas 1945 and the new Zombies experience, Shi No Numa.

In order to access the free period, players can visit their system-specific store. For Xbox, it’s the Microsoft Store, for PlayStation it’s the PS Store, and for PC it’s Battle.Net. From there, look up Vanguard and follow the prompts that appear for the free period. You don’t have to pay any money or buy the game after the period ends, so don’t click anything that’s associated with money.

Once you’ve done that, download and install Vanguard onto your system. After everything is downloaded, boot up Vanguard and you can access multiplayer and Zombies until the morning of July 26.