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Season 4 of Call of Duty: Warzone introduced several new additions to Verdansk. There are the standard weapons added to the pool, along with a few map changes in the form of satellite crashes. Raven Software even implemented a new vehicle, the Dirt Bike. However, an underrated change to the map is in regard to the Red Doors, which are a vehicle in and of themselves.

Unless a player has randomly stumbled upon a Red Door, some may not even know of their presence in Verdansk. The locations of the Red Doors are seemingly random and they aren’t found in popular hot spots in Season 4. However, once players begin to learn what the Red Doors do, those areas will begin to see a ton of activity.

Red Door locations and function in Warzone

As it currently stands, no one has figured out an exact method for finding out where the Red Doors will spawn each match. The objects appear to move around the map, bouncing from location to location.

The one common trait with this movement is the edge of Verdansk. Warzone seems to spawn the Red Doors near locations on the edge of the map. Some of the more common locations where players have reported finding the doors include farmhouses, Nakatomi Tower, underneath the broken plane in Factory and near the billboard above Stadium.

Of course, there are certainly more locations, but these are some common spots that players have found Red Doors in Season 4. As for their function, this factor is more understood within the community.

Red Doors in Warzone
One of the Red Doors in Warzone. | Provided by Activision

Once a player enters a Red Door, they’ll teleport to another location, usually across the map. This location houses high-tier loot that will set the player up nicely for the middle and late game. After players arrive in the area beyond the door, the Red Door will close behind them. No other player can use the door after this point, including teammates.

With this in mind, the Red Doors are most useful in Solos. While they’re usable in Duos, Trios and Squads, it’s unwise to completely leave one’s team behind in another part of the map. However, the loot is substantial, so perhaps it may be worth it to some.

The Red Doors will undoubtedly evolve over the course of Warzone Season 4. For now, though, they’re still a bit of a mystery.