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Season 4 Reloaded arrives Wednesday in Call of Duty: Warzone, and fans can expect a flurry of content to release with the update. Aside from the new weapon, the Vargo-S, and the plethora of other features and updates coming to Warzone, there are also a handful of game modes being introduced.

One of them is the Titanium Trials: Endurance mode, which gives players a chance to earn some new camos in addition to playing with or against the Terminator. The other big mode in Warzone Season 4 Reloaded is Rebirth of the Dead, which solely takes place on Rebirth Island and brings zombies back to the battle royale.

Zombies have a long-running history in Warzone. They’ve been featured in several different game modes across the two-plus years Warzone has been around. Rebirth of the Dead is extremely similar to another game mode from the past, which was called Zombie Royale.

While there are some subtle differences, players who partook in Zombie Royale will recognize this mode’s rules instantly. For any players that weren’t around for that or simply need a refresher, keep reading to see how Rebirth of the Dead works.

Rebirth of the Dead mode in Warzone

At the start of a match in Rebirth of the Dead, 10 teams of four will descend onto Rebirth Island. The beginning of the match will go on as normal, with players looting and then fighting other teams.

The major difference here is that any eliminated player returns as a zombie. The new zombie’s job is to eliminate the surviving players. Zombies have a Charged Jump, Gas Grenade, and EMP Blast at their disposal to take out the survivors.

However, if a zombie doesn’t want to play as a member of the undead, they can look to return as a regular player by collecting a number of items, which are viewable below.

  • 4 Zombie Syringes that are earned by completing a Finishing Move on a survivor
  • 2 Zombie Syringes that are earned by eliminating a survivor
  • Zombie Syringes that are found in crates or at Buy Stations

In order to return as a living player, zombies must find four syringes by doing the tasks above. It doesn’t matter how zombies earn their syringes, so they can mix and match the tasks as long as they eventually find four. Pulling off a Finishing Move is the quickest way to return as a player but it’s almost the most challenging.

Zombies can be eliminated, though, and as they are, the Infestation Meter will begin to fill up. After it’s filled up entirely, players who are spectating will return to the game as zombies. Players can win the mode by surviving the longest as a member of the living.

Throughout all of the enjoyment of playing Rebirth of the Dead, players can earn rewards via challenges. The challenges and their rewards are as follows:

  • Win a match as a human: “Last Alive” Calling Card
  • Perform a Finishing Move as a zombie: “Head Scratcher” Calling Card

Rebirth of the Dead goes live with Season 4 Reloaded on July 27 and ends on Aug. 25.