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The Alliance has claimed victory in Hearthstone’s Battle for Alterac Valley, in large part thanks to the 57% of players who pledged their allegiance to the faction, according to a blog post from Blizzard Entertainment. As a result, all their players will receive a Diamond copy of Alliance leader Vanndar Stormpike.

However, despite the loss, Blizzard broke down how the Horde made a valiant effort by looking through the data generated during the event.

How the Alliance reached the top

The Alliance and Horde recruited 57% and 43% of players respectively
The Alliance and Horde recruited 57% and 43% of players respectively. | Provided by Blizzard Entertainment

From the very beginning, the Alliance had an advantage in terms of numbers. Just before the launch of Hearthstone’s latest expansion, Fractured in Alterac Valley, the Horde only accumulated 43% of participating players.

Despite this, the Horde fought valiantly at the launch of the in-game event. Those who pledged their allegiance to the Horde played approximately 7% to 8% more games compared to the opposing faction. Horde players also achieved a slightly higher win rate.

After Fractured in Alterac Valley released, both Horde and Alliance continued to duke it out against each other. But the Alliance’s number of players grew by 1%, and they earned a lead of more than 100 million points of honor. As the Battle for Alterac Valley event continued on, all four regions experienced the similar trend of recruiting more Alliance players. This helped the faction gain a 20% to 25% advantage in terms of honor.

While the Americas had more Alliance players, the Asia-Pacific region’s Horde players closely matched Alliance numbers. Meanwhile, China had the most honor points and players across both factions. This was followed by Europe, the Americas and Asia-Pacific.

The alliance earned 4.7 billion points of honor
The alliance earned 4.7 billion points of honor. | Provided by Blizzard Entertainment

Alliance earns 4.7 billion honor

The Horde declined in terms of the number of games played by each participant, but the faction gained more honor per game. However, Alliance players also persisted with greater numbers and more games per participant.

When Hearthstone’s Battle for Alterac Valley event concluded, the Alliance came out on top with 4.7 billion honor. Meanwhile, the Horde earned 3.9 billion points.

According to Blizzard, approximately 9.9% of players managed to fully complete the honor track. Participants who haven’t completed it yet have until the end of the expansion cycle to do so. Completion of this track awards a player with a golden copy of their opposing faction’s leader card.

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