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Yesterday, Treyarch released an entire blog post detailing exactly how Call of Duty: Vanguard Zombies will work. The first map for the game, named Der Anfang, sees a ton of changes for the game mode. This includes a revamp to how perks work and several new additions, such as The Altar of Covenant abilities. Another aspect that’s changing with Der Anfang is Pack-A-Punch and how the weapons systems work.

In the blog post, Treyarch stressed that, despite the weapons systems changing, Pack-A-Punch is still “as crucial as ever.” This is great news for fans who enjoy finding the machine and upgrading their weapons to new, shiny versions. However, Pack-A-Punch has received some small changes players should know about when they boot up Vanguard Zombies later this week.

Pack-A-Punch in Vanguard Zombies

The first major change to the weapons in Vanguard Zombies is that they no longer come from wall-buys. Instead, players will earn weapons through random drops from powerful monsters and looting chests or purchasing a roll from the Mystery Box. Pre-Packed weapons can also drop from the Sturmkriegers or from a Mystery Box roll.

As for Pack-A-Punch itself, it works similarly to previous games. Players will need a certain number of Essence to Pack their weapon one level. There are three levels that players can use to Pack their weapons, with each level making the weapon more powerful. The breakdown of how much Essence it takes to level up a Packed weapon is viewable below.

  • First Pack: 7,500 Essence
  • Second Pack: 15,000 Essence
  • Third Pack: 30,000 Essence

These levels are marked by the color of the weapon so that players don’t forget which level they’re on with a specific gun. White is the color for an unpacked weapon, Blue is Level 1, Purple is Level 2 and Orange is Level 3. There was no indication from Treyarch on how easy it would be to find or power on the Pack-A-Punch machine in Der Anfang. However, players should expect to open at least few areas in Stalingrad to have access to it.

Call of Duty: Vanguard Zombies and the Der Anfang map release on Nov. 5. Players can see what time the game releases for their region in our previous guide.