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VALORANT’s next weapon skin bundle is Tethered Realms and it comes to player shops around the globe on May 26. The bundle will carry the usual Premium Edition skin price.

Tethered Realms is a five-weapon skin bundle that consists of a Vandal, Operator, Ghost, Guardian, and melee weapon. Each of the skins will cost 1,775 VALORANT Points (VP) when purchased individually. However, players can purchase the Tethered Realms skin bundle for a discounted 7,100 VP. The bundle adds the melee weapon for free and gives players two cards to match the Light versus Dark theme.

Tethered Realms darkness kingdom promotional image
Image provided by Riot Games

Tethered Realms Radianite

Players will also be able to level their Tethered Realms skins by using Radianite. Players can obtain the material by playing through the battle pass or purchasing it directly from the store. There is no Radianite included in the original 7,100 price of the bundle when players purchase the Tethered Realms collection. Each level of the Tethered Realms skins will cost 10 Radianite with every color-changing level costing an additional 15 Radianite.

The Tethered Realms skin collection features a dark and light aesthetic that follows the good versus evil storyline. Each skin will have an upgradable cosmetic that allows it to switch from a dark green theme to a white and gold angelic one. For more information on the skins and their inspiration, check out our Tethered Realms good versus evil breakdown.

How to purchase VALORANT skins after bundles leave

As always, players will have an option to purchase the weapon skins once the bundle has left the shop. The major incentive Riot Games have placed on purchasing bundles is the inclusion of additional cosmetics and a free melee weapon. However, if players miss the initial bundle, they can still purchase the skins eventually whenever they enter the daily shop rotation.

The daily shop rotation in VALORANT allows players to see weapon skins that they do not already own. These skins come with the original price that reflects the rarity level of the skin, such as Premium Edition or lower. Players have until the end of the next day to purchase a weapon skin from their shop before the shop refreshes. Like previous bundles before it, the Tethered Realms collection will eventually come to the daily shop rotation after the bundle has left the main shop.