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VALORANT has been around for many years now but each day there are still new players making their debut in the game. With this being the case, it’s completely acceptable to be unaware of how the round system works, and the good news is it is fairly simple.

The amount of rounds in your VALORANT game can change depending on the mode you are playing with the two most popular being unrated and competitive. Before you pick between the two here’s everything you need to know so you can prepare for your match.

How many rounds are in unrated and competitive VALORANT games?

Image via Riot Games

There can be an unlimited amount of rounds in a competitive VALORANT game, but one team only needs to reach 13 to win. In an unrated game, there can only be a maximum of 25 rounds.

That might sound confusing but basically, when one team reaches 12 in a competitive match the next round will be the match point. If the other team manages to reach 12 before the first team can hit 13, then one team will need to lead by two games to get the victory.

This battle back and forth can continue up until one team can get that two-round win streak. At that point, they will win regardless of the total score.

In an unrated match once both teams reach 12 then a sudden death round will go live, and the winner of that round will take the match. This means that unrated can only have a maximum of 25 rounds.

Now you’re up to speed on these numbers you can better decide how to dedicate your playtime whether that’s a quick unrated game or a ranked match with the potential to go on quite well. You’ll be happy to hear that typically competitive games don’t go much longer than the usual limit, but you never know, you could wind up in a tight match.