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Competitive play has finally come to Riot Games’ new competitive shooter, Valorant. With the competition getting serious in the Closed Beta of the game, everyone wants to reach the highest rank possible and be crowned “Valorant”. But first, gamers must play a certain number of placement matches. Only then do they become eligible to receive their adequate rank.

So, how many matches do you have to play?

Unrated games

First of all, everyone must play 20 unrated matches before they can even touch competitive play. According to Riot’s devs, these matches serve as a sort of warmup period. They ensure players have a chance to become somewhat acquainted with Valorant‘s mechanics and the skills of each character. Treat these 20 games as a pre-placement warmup, though, as even those games will be taken into account before getting your rank.

Placement matches

You’ve played your 20 unrated matches. You know Valorant‘s characters, the three maps, and the weaponry. Now it’s time to get into the meaty part and get your rank. But wait! First, you have to play five more matches.

These five matches are part of competitive play, and you will be properly assessed at this stage. You may even get matched with players that are already ranked. Naturally, it’s best that you win those five games. However, apart from just winning, Valorant also looks at how well your team wins – winning 13-1 is way better than 13-11. Plus, it will take your individual performance into account. Make sure you make every round count if you want to get the highest possible rank.

In short, you need to play 25 matches in total. 20 of these are unrated matches outside of competitive play, and following them are five placement matches that are part of competitive play.

How do you like the placement system in Riot Games’ Valorant? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments. As always, remember to follow us at Daily Esports for all your latest news in Valorant as well as other major esports out there.

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