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Palworld creatures sitting making machine guns
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How many people play Palworld? Developers reveal massive milestone after just 5 days

Palworld may only be in early access, but it's already setting Steam records and breaking incredible player milestones.

Palworld has captured the attention of gamers all over the world, and developers Pocketpair have revealed the incredible number of people who have played the game during the five days since its launch.

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It’s no surprise that Palworld has caught fire. Pokemon is one of the most popular games in the world, so imagine taking creatures just like that, loading them up with weapons, and throwing them into an open world. It’s an immediate recipe for success, as Pocketpair has discovered.

Palworld, which is in early access, immediately started shooting up the Steam rankings on January 19, and now the developers have revealed the huge milestone the game has already hit.

How many people have played Palworld?

Pocketpair has confirmed that over seven million players have purchased the game since its release, averaging out at over a million sales per day.

This is an incredible number for a game that is in early access and didn’t have the mass marketing machine of a AAA studio behind it.

What makes this number even more impressive is that this only accounts for purchases on Steam, as confirmed by Geoff Keighley. The game is also available on Xbox consoles and as a free download for Xbox Game Pass subscribers, so the seven million number actually plays down the success of the game so far.

According to Keighley, the Steam sales alone equate to around $189 million in sales, an incredible return for Pocketpair.

Palword peak concurrent players

As for concurrent players, Palworld is setting records on that front too. At the time of writing, it has almost double the concurrent players as Counter-Strike 2, with 1.2 million on the game according to SteamCharts.

Its peak is also incredible, sitting at 1,847,492. That’s 600,000 more than CS2’s peak players, a truly mindboggling achievement.

With Pocketpair confirming that they are working hard on updates and bug fixes, it seems like the Palworld train is showing no sign of slowing down. Who knows, there could be more records in it’s future.

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