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The ability to purchase a custom loadout is one of the many new features Call of Duty: Warzone introduced. Players can set up 10 hand-picked loadouts like in regular multiplayer and then purchase one for $6,000 at a Buy Station. Admittedly, the mechanic sounds like a great idea on paper. However, in practice, it is extremely overpowered and discourages variety in Warzone matches. Most players in a given match are walking around with Overkill classes because of how easy loadouts are to obtain. Infinity Ward has options to balance this feature, and they’re not too hard to implement.

Balancing custom loadouts in Warzone

The biggest issue with custom loadouts at this time is how easy they are to purchase. $6,000 Cash doesn’t take very long to acquire as long as you’re completing Contracts and scavenging the map. Also, Buy Stations are fairly plentiful, giving players ample opportunity to buy a loadout.

So, the simple way to balance this would be to either remove some Buy Stations or make loadouts more expensive. The latter route is more preferred by the community since Buy Stations serve multiple important purposes.

While making loadouts cost more is a start, there’s an additional option Infinity Ward should consider. The most popular perk in custom loadouts is Overkill, by far. This allows you to carry two primary weapons instead of one, which is paramount to success in Warzone.

That said, in addition to increasing regular loadout costs, Infinity Ward could increase the prices on loadouts with Overkill equipped. This would decrease the number of Overkill loadouts in Warzone matches and force players to make difficult decisions at Buy Stations.

Call of duty Warzone Overkill loadout

So far, Infinity Ward hasn’t commented too much on custom loadouts. However, the game is only two weeks past release. Perhaps with more time, the developers will make some changes to this system.

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